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Top Features

Reward Your Community

Set up custom token rewards for user actions on several social media platforms.


Let your users tip each other, exchange tokens, or fund your project.

Send & Request Tokens

Exchange tokens with attached messages with anyone, without knowing the other party's wallet info.

Security & Privacy

Let others know which tokens you accept, without giving away your wallet info.


Manage your contacts list and verify social identity to ensure you are always dealing with the right person.


Want to get the attention of another community? Airdrop your tokens to them.


What can I do with TokenSend?

For community members:
Are you a member of a tokenized community? Register for a TokenSend account, link your social media, and enter in your cryptocurrency wallet info where you would like tokens sent. You can also set up token reward campaigns for your community without being the community owner.

You can also send and request tokens from anyone, and maintain your contacts in one spot, even without revealing your wallet or social media details.

For community managers:
Use the Create button to set up a campaign for a social media channel (it doesn't have to be your own). This will allow you to set rewards for certain events (like, share, follow, etc) or set any keyword or emoji to trigger a token transfer.

Can I have my tokens forwarded directly to my wallet?

Yes, you may choose to have any tipped or rewarded tokens deposited to your TokenSend balance, or sent directly to your associated wallet in real-time. Check the settings page under "Wallet Settings".

How is my stored information used?

TokenSend stores your name, username, and e-mail address (if available) so that you can receive information about your account. Social media login information is only used to confirm account ownership and let our bots interact with you. Wallet information is used only when necessary to transfer tokens to you. We do not keep logs of any social media channels you interact with, except for the event that triggers a token transfer, which will be found on your Transactions page. We do not sell your data or let any other parties access it.